We want this DAO to be decentralized and autonomous, so practically, the entire community is free to contribute in whatever capacity they can. There is no token gating or exclusivity for the DAO. Any community member can contribute and participate in the overall improvement of Biconomy and the related ecosystem. But if you ask us, some of the top ways that we suggest are:

Apply for grants

If you have an idea, plan, or proposal to add value to the Biconomy Ecosystem, you should apply for a grant, if funding is what you need to realize it. There is no fixed scope for the grant application; we trust the community to fund it if your proposal adds value.

Participate in discourse forum

You can share your ideas, thoughts, and feedback on Biconomy’s forum. You can also post your comments on the existing proposals and discussions. Any ideas that you seed today have the potential to become future proposals, which can help shape our roadmap, so please do not shy away.

Complete Bounties

If you’re looking for more structured tasks with fixed prizes, you can complete the bounties listed on the bounty board and earn rewards for your submission.

Vote on the proposals

If you’re a token holder and want a say in grant disbursements, you can vote on live proposals on Snapshot. Also, you can create grant proposals on Snapshot to be put to the vote (refer to the governance process). In epoch zero, snapshot-based voting will govern grant proposals only (as per the present scope of DAO).

Onboard as a Contributor

You can onboard Biconomy DAO as a contributor and tell us what you are best at. We plan to create focused groups to work on specific projects and KPIs to drive critical outcomes for Biconomy’s community. You get rewards and career capital in exchange.

Promote network effects

We believe that the community is our best spokesperson; therefore, we want our present contributors to help us build a vibrant and passionate community and build alongside us as we make the Web3.0 UX seamless. We expect you to rally like-minded individuals in your circle to come and join us on this journey.