Biconomy DAO is a work-in-progress that will evolve and improve over time. The current governance & decision-making process is as below.

For the next six months (epoch zero), only grant proposals that request more than $25K will be within the scope of governance voting. Smaller grants can be applied for as rapid grants.

Governance Stack

  1. Conversations - Discord Server
    1. Community members can join Biconomy's Discord server and engage in one-to-one or many-to-one conversations. Please head to the #BiconomyDAO section and explore the channels.
  2. Brainstorming & Proposals - Discourse Forum
    1. The discourse forum is a space for the community members to express their thoughts and get input from the larger community. Here you can start a thread for anything around Biconomy and its community. Your ideas will help us view everything we overlooked, so please don't be shy.
  3. Consensus - Snapshot
    1. Snapshot will allow all BICO token holders to vote on open grant proposals. You can review all the proposals in detail here and vote accordingly.
  4. Treasury - Gnosis Safe
    1. The DAO treasury funds will be held in a Gnosis Safe. The Biconomy General Council (BGC) members will be signers for this 5-is-to-7 safe.

<aside> đź“Ś Discourse Forum and Discord Server are not limited to governance. The community can use them to voice their queries, feedback, suggestions, and memes.


Governance Process for Grants

Phase Content Duration Passing Requirement
Ideation Create a thread on the Discourse Forum in the “Grants” category with a “temperature-check” tag. Open-ended No formal requirement as such. The proposal should gain sufficient momentum from the forum community to be moved to the next step.
Specification Create a Biconomy Grant Proposal (BGP) and post it in the “Grants” category with the “bico-grant-proposal” tag. Adhere to the given format. It should be live for a minimum of three days on the forum For a proposal to pass to the next phase, the majority community should vote in favor (quorum is 20% of the total members of the forum)
Consensus A proposal is created on Snapshot for the token vote. It should be live for a minimum of five days on Snapshot For the proposal to be implemented, the majority of BICO holders should signal a decision (quorum is approx. 12.5% of the circulating supply of BICO)
Implementation No content Minimum five days from proposal vote Once the proposal is voted for, the general council will initiate the grant payout.

Step 1 – Temperature & Sentiment Check on Discourse Forum

  1. Anyone can start a thread on the Biconomy Forum to seek a grant. Please ensure that you post the thread in the “grants” category with the “temperature-check” tag. This helps to differentiate proposals from temperature checks.
  2. There's no format for temperature check threads. Just go with the flow here.
  3. If there's sufficient interest and activity on the thread, we can proceed to create a formal grant proposal on the forum.