How can you apply for a grant from Biconomy DAO?

<aside> 📍 There are three ways to apply for a grant - Micro Grants, Rapid Grants and Expanded Grants. Micro Grants are open on a rolling basis. Ecosystem Grant Cohorts run in 3 & 6 month cohorts. The grant application process varies depending on the amount of grant requested.

(Updated September 2022)



Micro Grants are for product integration or proposals under $5k

Kicking off • Q4 2022

<aside> <img src="/icons/bookmark_green.svg" alt="/icons/bookmark_green.svg" width="40px" /> Applications Opening •  November 2022


Grant Process for Micro Grants

  1. Micro grants can be applied for on a rolling basis.
  2. Application currently will run through & Builders Tribe
  3. Evaluation will be reviewed every 3 weeks
  4. Priority will be placed on integration of both Gasless & Hyphen

BRGE Cohorts$5K-25K USD/BICO

BRGE (Biconomy Rapid Grant Ecosystem Cohorts) are rapid grants for early organizations already integrated with Biconomy, or are looking to fund a feature or product scale that is applicable additional ecosystem funding up to $25K.


<aside> <img src="/icons/trophy_yellow.svg" alt="/icons/trophy_yellow.svg" width="40px" /> Cohort 1 Kick-off • October 2022 🎉

Applications CURRENTLY CLOSED Applications will re-open Q1 2023 Get notified when we re-open rapid applications


Grant Process for Rapid Grants

  1. APPLICATIONS CLOSED until Q1 2023. Applications to be evaluated by Biconomy General Council (BGC).
  2. Evaluation will include an assessment of the team, the product, and its contribution to the Biconomy ecosystem.
  3. Applications will be reviewed and accepted/denied into quarterly cohorts.

BFG Cohorts • >$25K+ USD

BFG (Biconomy Foundation Grant Ecosystem Cohorts) are expanded grants for organizations that have completed a micro grant +/or BRGE Cohort that are looking to land seed or VC funding and further grow in the Biconomy Ecosystem.


<aside> <img src="/icons/flash_purple.svg" alt="/icons/flash_purple.svg" width="40px" /> Cohort 1 Kick-off • Spring 2023 🎉

Applications KICK-OFF Spring 2023 Get notified when we open expanded applications


Grant Process for Expanded Grants

✅ • FAQs for Ecosystem Grants

Who is eligible to get an ecosystem grant from Biconomy DAO?

What are the benefits for ecosystem grant recipients?

How will the ecosystem grant proposals be evaluated?

How will the ecosystem grants be disbursed?

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